summer harvest photos... more to come

FRESH ALMONDS are quite ephemeral, appearing at marketplaces in France for only 2 - 3 weeks in July - August. Dressed in their furry green cloak, they are traditionally cracked open and eaten for dessert.

The juicy, deep-flavored BLACK CURRENT is a mouth-watering temptation at marketplaces in July and August. Gather up a basketful and make some confiture. Or stir up a summer Black Current-Plum Tart (with Spelt pie crust).

CHANTERELLES (called girolles in French) pop up out of the ground from June - October. They have a light earthy flavor and are somewhat fragile when it comes sto cooking them: best to sautée them slowly, high heat tends to tun them hard. Great satutéed in an omelette, or marintaed raw in an herb-flavored olive oil.

One of summer's sturdy, faithful vegetables is ZUCCHINI. They get piled up on vegetables stands starting in July and on through November. I recently marinted them, sliced thin, in olive oil, lemon juice and zest, nd mint and bay leaves... Recipe and photo forthcoming.

This tiny Beurré Giffard PEAR, an early variety discovered in 1825 and mainly found in organic circles, brightens up the summer fruit landscape with its intense green coloring and is harvested from late July and on through August. Great for a sweet, juicy snack...

The CHARENTAIS is France's star MELON; so beloved for its succulent flavor and meaty texture it is often served at the beginning of a meal, with perhaps a bit of Porto or reduced balsamic vinegar drizzled over it. You'll find it ever in attendance at the marketplace from July through September.

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