Bay Area, CA and Portland, OR open cooking classes

I'm making my annual visit to the West Coast in February and am excited to be holding my 3rd edition "all things vegetable" cooking class series up and down the coast.

I still have two open classes
—  Monday, February 18 in Berkeley, CA, from 6 - 11 pm
— Tuesday, February 27 in Portland, OR, from 5:30 - 10:30 pm

Information for the two classes and photos of the dishes we'll be stirring up are below.
Would love to have you join in !
All that is required is a pair of willing hands and a passion for "all things vegetable."

You can also take a look at my 2010 class series post, if you'd like to see what we were up to in the different kitchens back then.
And if you have the time to wander through my website, you could read my thoughts on cooking and the thoughts of others who have cooked with me.

For further information and/or to reserve, please write me here. My email address is also on the 2 flyers below...

fried sage leaves

green lentils with celery leaf pesto

pansotti with walnut sauce
torta caprese

roasted radishes

green lentils with celery-leaf pesto

quique pasta with roasted beet-lemon salsa II know this looks like tomato confit—and it is)

torta caprese

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