"all things vegetable" cooking class series : Bay Area, CA—Feb 22 and 23, March 13

So this is the time for my yearly "family-friend" visit to the States—Northern California, in particular—and as always, I've organized a few cooking classes in a few generously welcoming kitchens, to celebrate yet again the humble and noble earthiness of vegetables...as the seasons turn.

I'm holding a class in San Francisco, February 22, one in Berkeley, February 23, and in one in Sebastopol, March 13.
 Would love to have you join us !!

Information about the classes are in the flyers down below. And to stir your taste buds, further below are photos of the dishes we'll be preparing.

Don't hesitate to write me for further information and to reserve a spot at the stove ! Hope to see you there  ,—)  Terresa

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celery, black olive salad
spring farinata
spicy and smoky carrot soup
Swiss chard rolls
savory cabbage rolls
blancmange à la sicilienne

baci di dama

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