spring harvest in Paris : 6

early APRIL  ::   sorrel and spring onions

SORREL is a perennial plant whose young leaves can already be picked in early spring and then on through fall. A most hardy plant that I left on my windowsill through Paris's last expressive winters, waking up in the morning to find it cloaked with snow and gleaming. Mix the baby leaves with all the other fine young shoots to add a nice tart layer to your salad. And if the Northern winds persist even in May (!) ... gather up younger and older leaves and swirl them into a velvety soup.

SPRING ONIONS, oignons nouveaux as they're called in France are available from April to July. I love to douse them with extra-virgin olive oil, wrap the green tops in parchment paper then roast them in a hot oven, on the top rack, for 5 - 10 minutes. They make a beautifully colorful garnish to any vegetable dish and are generously sweet to the mouth.

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