Seasonal harvest - the SOLSTICE yeah! - 21 June 2010

I remember the old APRICOT tree in my Aunt Bee's garden in suburban LA back in the '60s and '70s, its boughs laden with plump juicy fruit come mid-June. How majestically it reigned in her backyard, along with a massive, beautifully melancholic weeping willow. Approaching it with awe I'd pick a pulpy apricot, crush it in my mouth and feel a tipsy sensation as its honeyed juice inundated my taste buds and ran like a swollen tributary to the back of my tongue and down. Apricots are to this day one of my most favorite fruits (when farm grown and picked mature) - perhaps surpassed only by blueberries — hmmm, come to think of it, the 2 actually make quite a tandem... So here it is summer SOLSTICE - yeah!! - and I'm celebrating it with at least a handful of apricots... Gotta enjoy them while they're around... come the beginning of August they'll all but be gone.

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